Chicken and turkey kebab

Chicken and turkey kebab

The recommended!
The delicacy of chicken, turkey and rurality, make this product a delicious dish a unique taste. The best meat is blended with a mixture of spices and flavorings that make it a memorable taste of this product. After processing the product is deep-side and packaged to preserve most of all its features.


50% of turkey meat, 50% of chicken meat, milk, spices, natural herbs, potato starch, wheat flour, dextrose, natural flavors, table salt, stabilizers E450ii, E472c, E621 flavor enhancer.

Pezzature ed imballi:

Our Döner-Kebab be frozen and packaged individually in white cardboard boxes.

5kg - 7/8/10kg - 12/15kg - 20kg - 25kg - 30kg - 40kg - 50kg


At -18 ° C have a minimum storage life of 12 months.

Frozen product for the years of food to be consumed only thoroughly cooked. Once thawed, the product should not be refrozen and should be consumed in one day. The consumer must be informed about the ingredients in the product.

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