Devran NG3

Devran NG3

Knife comfortable and handy high quality that allows you to slice the kebab (kebab) with a clean cut and precise, thanks to its system of monitoring the thickness of the patented cutting with a cutting capacity of 80 kg of meat per day.

In accordance with EC rules and safe operation demonstrated by GS.

Provided spare parts:

  -  n° 1 heavy duty spare circular knife

  -  n° 1 retention pin

   -  n° 1 screw driver

  -  n° 1 fuse

  -  n° 1 detailed operational instrusctions 


The version is supplied with power Devran NG3 steel

Dati tecnici
Speedapprox. 5000 rpm
Daily capacityapprox. 80 Kg
Circular knife80 mm
Power230V - 50 Hz
Delivery package(weight) approx. 7 Kg







The comfortable grip and a weight of about 1000g allow easy handling 




The patented system allows adjustment of the cut clean and accurate cuts constants 




Strong, sturdy and easy to maintain stainless steel parts with high quality workmanship that allow a stable and lasting. 




Easy to use and cleaning 

Megas Gyros

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